4 Best Electric Fishing Reels of 2023 – Reliable

Fishing in blues can be a way to relax but if you think about the efforts you put into winding and dragging your reel, it can be exhausting. This is the reason why many anglers prefer using electric reels. Fishing with an electric reel will make you happy, especially when you plan to target species deeper than 300 feet.

Yes, you got it right! You can easily catch tuna, queen snapper, rockfish, black cod, barrel fish in the deepest layers, etc. Electric Fishing reels are productive and promise high-end performance. Now let us talk about the 5 best electric fishing reels that will help you in achieving great results without any hassle:



1. Ban ax Kaigen 7000CP – Big Game Jigging Electric Fishing Reels


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Left Hand
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight:1.74 Pounds
  • Fishing Line Type: Braided
  • Bearing Material: Aluminum

The Banax Kaigen is well constructed and gives unbelievable results due to its impressive and responsive reel against the sudden changes. The reel contains seven ball bearings which will further provide smooth results. It is also famous as one of the best commercial electric fishing reels.

It is manufactured in Korea and is high in quality as well as features. The instant and quick slide clutch help the reel observe the changes underneath. Plus, you can easily control the speed of the reel and can make necessary amendments instantly. That’s what I call technology!

The reel is constructed from Aluminum and weighs about only 1.7 pounds. Yes, it is ultra-light weighted. The motor speed of the reel is recorded as 17 m per minute. With a combo of a great gear ratio of about 5.2:1 and powerful drag, the reel gives an outstanding result and ensures its durability.

If you are in a quest for comfortable grips or a high-volt battery in an electric reel, this one is your catch!


  • Lightweight Aluminum body.
  • Easy to use for beginners also.
  • Affordable yet durable.
  • 12 V battery with portable pouch.
  • Has a jigging function.
  • Washable design.


  • Spool capacity is not sufficient.

2. Shimano Beast Master 9000:


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

I have explored and experienced many reels in the market. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. But suppose I talk about this Shimano Beast, I will say it’s a masterpiece of Shimano’s series and a top electric fishing reel.

If you are looking for a reel with high performance and outstanding durability, you must consider this Shimano Beast. Shimano is considered the king of the fishing industry with its fabulous creations. This is a class above with sufficient line capacity and a powerful dragging system.

Technically it is an upgraded electric reel with effective results. It can battle against an enormous and heavy catch as it has excellent resistance power for about 25 kg. Bravo! You read it correctly, not 25 pounds. We are talking about Kgs. You will not find this fantastic resistance in any other one.

This reel’s most notable and essential feature is its Giga max electric motor that smoothly stores the line for outstanding performance. The reel has five ball bearings and two roller bearings. One notable feature of Shimano Beast is its memory chip that can be installed quickly. The depth settings done during the casting can also be used in the future.

It is my top choice among the 5 best electric fishing reels. With an inspiring power-pack engine and LCD display, I must say that this reel should not be missed! Go grab yours today!


  • Upgraded technical lever
  • Powerful drag
  • Battery with 12v and 24 V
  • Stainless steel ball bearings and roller
  • Great ratio of 3.1:1


  • Some reported difficulty in managing and functioning the reel.
  • Left-handed anglers may have some issues while using it.

3. Banax KAIGEN 150 – Power Compact Boat Electric Fishing Reels


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 15.5 Ounces

Banax Kaigen is a small and top electric reel best for bottom fishing and jigging highlights. To keep the line of the reel even, it has a key feature known as level wind. The reel works excellent with little or less effort. 

Moreover, you will love the solid build and construction of this reel. The reel’s body is constructed from Aluminum which makes the reel anti-rust. It can drag up to 261 lb with a unique, powerful drag system. Oh my God! That’s a considerable number, isn’t it?

Banax Kaigen consists of eleven ball bearings and an aluminum handle. In contrast, the rubber knob of the handle is comfortable and provides a firm grip. The engine is clean and smooth yet ultra-powerful. The motor works amazingly in deep blues without any stops. And above all, the changeable spools add to its remarkable attributes.

In can be called an ideal electric reel for disabled who want to enjoy casting. What else do you need? It is the go-to reel of your dreams. Order yours now!


  • Great value for money.
  • Exceptional feature (changeable spool)
  • Great gear ratio
  • Auto-stop features 
  • Less effort is required while casting an even bigger catch


  • Comes in the non-English manual.
  • Some reports set is challenging.

4. Shimano PLEMIO 3000 Big Game [Japan Import]:


  • Gear Ratio:3.6
  • S A-RB/Roller Bearing:1/0
  • Weight:625g
  • MAX Drag:10.0kg
  • Retrieve:64cm

The Shimano Plemio 3000 is a small-sized electric reel considered the best electric reel for sword fishing. It is a small, light electric fishing reel weighing only 22.4 oz. The retrieve line of the reel is recorded at 575 feet per minute.

This reel’s two most essential and extraordinary features are durability and prominence. The reel is highlighted in the fishing industry with the combination of these features. All the inners’ reel parts are made up of stainless steel, whether it’s a lever or an axel, or ball bearings that ensure the reel’s durability and effectiveness.

Shimano PLEMIO 3000 Big Game

Plemio 3000 is adjustable due to raku mode, which is a rare feature in electric fishing reels. The automatic and slow retrieve enables to catch the fish smoothly without any hassle and stress. The reel is suitable for saltwater and freshwater, with a gear ratio of 3.6:1. In short, it is a small package of wonderful adventures.

It is highly recommended. At least one should try and invest in it once.


  • To help control the temperature, it has a thermos.
  • Great value, low price.
  • Durable with advanced features.
  • Works fantastic at high speed.
  • Provides outstanding results during the unfavorable conditions of the water.


  • Adjustment of the reel is a challenging part.
  • Lever sometimes lacks control.

Buying Guide for Electric Fishing Reels

Electric reels are uniquely designed to utilize and cover the deep area of the sea that cannot be explored easily. You need to consider a few things before purchasing any electric fishing reel. Some of them are mentioned below:

Best Electric Fishing Reels
Infographic: Buying Guide for Electric Fishing Reels

1. Line Capacity:

A braided line is perfect and ideal for electric reels. The weight of the line will depend on the type of fish you want to catch, whether heavy or light? Before investing your money, make sure that the line capacity should be between 900 feet to 300 yards.

2. Gear System:

The gear system plays an essential role in electric reels. When purchasing a reel, look for the reel with a variety of speed retrieval and gear so you can easily switch the force when required.

3. Drag power:

A drag system is an essential feature when choosing a reel, drag system should be practical and powerful. The drag rating should be between 40 to 80 pounds for the electric reel, depending on how deep you want to go.

4. Size and specifications:

Electric reels are available in different shapes and sizes to select the reel according to the required specs and features. If you are a new angler,I suggest you go for the small one. If you are an expert, you can easily control bigger sizes too.

But the positive point is that most electric reels are easy to use and buy according to your personal preference.

5. Durability and Effectiveness:

The reel’s durability is significant because it increases the performance and quality of the reel. Anti-rust bearings or stainless-steel bearings are considered perfect.

Apart from that, LCD display is also an essential feature that helps the angler look for the conditions anytime and gives options so that quick action is taken anytime when needed.

6. Materials:

Choose wisely because material matters a lot if you want durable, upgraded technology, advanced features, a long lifespan, and excellent resistance in any reel. Most of the reels are constructed from Aluminum. Still, you can go for ionized metal reels, depending on your preference.

7. Price:

Electric reels come in different ranges of price. The value of the money totally depends on the application and the reel’s features. You can buy a cheap one also if you are using it for the first time. But if you want advanced features with great specs, you need to spend more on that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us talk about queries and confusion also, so under this section, I will cater most common questions asked by the fishermen before purchasing or choosing any Electric reel:

How does an electric fishing reel work?

The electric reel works the same as an ordinary and traditional reel. Still, it functions through a motor since it is an electric reel. There is a button you need to press those switches or flip and turn the reel’s spool.

Is an electric reel good for fishing purposes?

So, my answer would be a big YES. Electric reels are considered one of the best fishing options for so many reasons. Like it enables an angler to cast according to their dream rather than worrying about the dept. It allows fishermen to catch deeper and deeper. Whether it is only 250 feet or planning for 1250 feet, electric reels will give solutions to your problems.

Are Electric reels easy to use?

Comparing electric reels with the other compatible reels on the market is much easier. It requires less effort and stress. But the most critical point is you must be aware of its upgraded technology and basic features.

Can the electric reel be used manually also?

Yes, Of course, almost all the electric fishing reels come with a comfortable and solid handle that also enables you to use it manually.

How can I prevent my electric reel from being damaged while fishing?

First, I think you all will agree with me that you need to maintain your reels properly for great lifespan and performance. Everything needs good care and maintenance, whether it is an electric reel or any other reel.

Secondly, suppose you are fishing in saltwater. In that case, you need to be extra careful as saltwater contains lots of germs. It has a rusting ability that can damage the reel faster.

Also, make sure you clean your reel correctly, especially the gear part, before and after every trip.

How much battery power is required by the electric reel?

Electric reels are available with different powers, some are 12 V, and some are directly attached. So before purchasing any electric reel, read all the details correctly.

Final Words:

Electric fishing reels are one of the best options for angling like an expert rather than those available in the market. They are effective with advanced technology, require less energy and effort, and always provide high performance.

My favorite electric reel is SHIMANO BEAST 9000 among the 5 best electric reels I reviewed. As the name speaks for itself, it works like a beast against enormous fish. This reel is already ruling the market and hearts of many anglers.

 I hope I have shared my part in the best way. But still, if I am lacking behind, please give me your precious feedback and let me know about your favorite electric fishing reel.

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