5 Best Hand Ice Augers For Easy Hole Drilling

When I say the right fishing equipment, the need for an ice auger is at the top of my list, it will make your task immensely convenient. An angler who lives in an icy area can never ignore the need for the best hand ice auger for easy hole drilling in the ice.

Today, I will share my thoughts and experiences on the 5 best hand ice auger for easy hole drilling. They would be a game-changer for your entire fishing season this year. Let me guide the beginners a little about what are ice augers and why are they so important for your fishing kit.


Why is an Ice Auger so Important

So, it all starts when you go fishing on the spot you had been going to all summer. Suddenly, as the weather changes one day, you arrive in the same sweet place to witness all the water has frozen, and you are in a panic now.

But hold on! No need to be anxious anymore. We have got you sorted. Here comes the need for an ice auger. It is a tool that has been created to drill holes through the ice, so you can keep on ice fishing in your favourite spot.

There are a variety of fishing gears and to choose correct ice augers in the market ranging from hand-held ice augers, electric ones, and gas augers, which are pretty much in these days. Finding the perfect ice auger as per your need among these different varieties is a task in itself.

Still, if you go through the entire article, you will get a clear picture of what you should select according to your specific requirements. In this detailed guide, I will talk about the 5 best hand ice auger for easy hole drilling which will make your work quick. I will list their pros and cons side by side to make your decision accordingly.

So, without wasting a single more minute, here goes the list:

My All-Time Favorite 5 Best Hand-Held Augers

For an ice angler, their most important tool is their ice augers. Therefore, when it comes to its selection, you have to be wise and make the right decision, as it can impact your overall fishing experience.

I would suggest going for a hand-held drill as it’s no fuss to carry around, these drills are portable, plus they are easy to use, durable, and above all, easy to store. Another thing to keep in mind when selecting the drill is where you would be angling and selecting the appropriate one accordingly.

Thankfully the technology has come a long way, and now there are different and improved options available every year. You no longer have to rely on those old manual options only.

Manual hand-held drill

These are the old drills being used worldwide to boreholes in the ice. They are low maintenance because all they need is a little bit of re-sharpening now and then, and you are good to go. They are lightweight and suitable for almost all places and surroundings.

1. Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Auger


  • Chrome-alloy Stainless Steel Blades
  • Powder Coated Paint to Reduce Ice Build-up
  • Soft Rubber Grips
  • Ergonomic Designed Handle System
  • Adjustable Handle: Adjusts from 48″ – 57″

They have hard synthetic metal blades and will work up in stand-up to ice with little blade maintenance. These blades easily cut through most surfaces. It works well on thicker ice surfaces too.

Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Auger

The handles have an ergonomic system to fit on the hand easily. The added rubber grips on these make them comfortable to hold. One more thing I appreciate about these is that they have powder coating on the paint to prevent ice build-up. With these, you can go deeper, as they are easily adjusted up to 48-57 inches in length.


  • Laser blades
  • Synthetic material construction
  • 8-inch manual hand auger
  • Suitable for all situations
  • No batteries
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Good for thicker ice beds


  • Time-consuming than powered drills
  • Not recommended for drilling multiple holes
  • Needs workforce

2. ESKIMO 6-INCH HAND AUGER: Budget-friendly Ice Augers for this Season


  • Cross-Bolt Takedown System
  • Handle and Pommel Knob for Easy Drilling
  • Blade Protector Included
  • Blades are Sharp and Durable
  • Adjustable

Eskimo 6- inch hand augers are among the best portable and hand-held augers. My favorite thing about these beautiful hand-held drills is that they are not a pocket burden. They are efficient at their task and easily cut through the ice. They have a sleek and basic design making them easy to use.

They weigh only 7 pounds hence super portable and easy to transport. Ideal for places where ice is thinner and long-distance traveling is involved. The blades are sharp and durable too. The only thing to keep in mind is you may face slight slippage issues with these on thicker ice beds.

Yet another extremely basic, portable, low in budget, light in weight, and are ready to cut through all the ice thickness. It’s also available in 7 and eight-inch models. It is light and weighs only 6 pounds, again it offers a firm grip, and the straight blades will last you ages.


  • Sharp blades
  • Simple and basic
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Starter equipment for beginners


  • No blade covers
  • Knobs may loosen up and fall

Blades are removable and could be easily replaced or re-sharpen according to need. It is adjustable from somewhere between 49-58 inches length-wise.



  • 43CC Viper 2-Cycle Engine
  • Quantum Auger
  • Fingertip throttle Trigger
  • Mitte-Grip Recoil
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Stainless Centering Point

These are the augers especially designed for people who would want less labor-intensive ice drilling than hand-powered augers. Starts right away and is easy to handle. It is 42 inches in length with a 10-inch diameter. Its new model is available in 8-inch diameter too. The engine is correctly insulated with a secure outside body to keep the body protected.

 It has a powerful 2-way motor consisting of a primer bulb and a choke. It comes with steel handlebars that control the vibration and thus prevent excessive shakings while handling. It is designed in a unique way to give you more control and make precise cuts with the stainless-steel blades and center point.


  • Wide wing steel handlebars
  • Starts promptly with a two-stroke motor
  • Powerful 2-cycle engine
  • Easy to use
  • Simple handling
  • See-through gas tank


  • Engine breaks in the period

Best for re-drilling holes as well as cutting on uneven, rough surfaces. The throttle works with a single push of a button, so you don’t even need to remove your gloves first in those freezing temperatures. The Eskimo Mako is the perfect choice for ice angling because it’s reliable in icy conditions and works smoothly.



  • Centering ICE Point
  • Aluminum Inner Stem Shaft
  • Replaceable steel blades
  • Bit-Saving Top Plate
  • Drill Minimum Requirements

Eskimo 8-inch pistol bit is a lightweight hand-held drill that features a polymer material for long-lasting durability to strike quickly through ice and cut effortlessly. The inner shafts are made with aluminum for efficient power transfusion. It has a well-designed look from its bit-saving top plate and centering ice point for precision cutting on ice.


  • Efficient blades
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum inner shaft
  • Precise cutting ability


  • Some complaints of defective blades
  • Needs extra torque ½ inch chuck

You will surely be impressed with its smooth precision cutting ability. This is an ideal drill for anglers looking for a lightweight ice auger to replace their bulky traditional hand-down electric and gas-powered auger drills



  • 5 Amp Hour, Gen 1 Battery
  • Compact Handlebar Design
  • High-Strength Composite Polymer Cutting Head
  • Two Led Lights
  • Lightweight, Easy to Carry
  • 3-Year Warranty

The ion electric auger is the one you can rely on in any weather condition, and it won’t let you down. It has strong parts, quality features, and a 3-year limited warranty, making the drill a perfect workhorse for drilling up to 30 fishing holes in one go.

This ion electric auger can drill holes up to 10 inches long to catch those larger fishes you want to put your hands on. It can efficiently cut up to 800 inches of ice in one go (single charge).

It is durable, with a powerful 5 Amp-hour battery that can drill up to 30 holes in one single charge.


It is perfect for boring holes quickly. It has a reverse function that efficiently cleans debris from the icy pits. It’s a lifesaver drill for anglers who prefer fishing in the dark. It has 2 added LED lights that flash on the area you are cutting. It is best for anglers looking for an eco-friendly device that is efficient and powerful at the same time.


  • 5 Amp-hour battery
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Time saver
  • Extremely efficient
  • Cuts 30 holes in a single charge
  • 2 built-in LED


  • Not super portable
  • Heavy

It is simply the best one out there, But the downside is it’s not super portable and lightweight. It’s as heavy as a gas model.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Your ICE Augers:

Best Hand Ice Augers For Easy Hole Drilling
Infographic: Best Hand Ice Augers For Easy Hole Drilling


Of course, no one would like to acquire a portable, uncomfortable drill that hurts your hand while using. The good news is that there are various cordless drills with padded handles available now. So, select a drill with a well-padded handle that would make the drilling comfortable and provide a good grip when boring holes in the ice.


When it comes to lightweight, always opt for a cordless drill as they are incredibly light in weight compared to manual drills and power augers. Plus, it gives you less burden when hiking long distances with your drill in your hand as they are much lighter to be easily carried without tiring you out.


Portability comes first when selecting a cordless drill because the entire idea is to make the journey comfortable as it is easy to carry while traveling.

Bare this in mind that you would be tempted to get the smaller drill as it’s easier to pack and maintain, but they have less power. So don’t compromise on power as it’s crucial when drilling holes, so find the portable one but never compromise on power. Look for something in between.

Drill’s punching ability:

Drill’s punching ability make a big difference. The faster the timing, the more punches are possible per minute. But if your drill doesn’t have a good punching ability, you will soon get tired by exerting extra pressure on your end. So, you need a drill with fast punching timings to speed up your work.

Drill’s Battery standing power and backup:

If the Battery doesn’t have a good backup, your drills are worthless. So always go for a long-lasting one. The powerful batteries will again significantly impact your overall drilling experience. If the batteries are not strong enough, you wouldn’t ever be able to drill a hole in the ice.

And similarly, when it comes to drilling multiple holes, the Battery should have a good backup too. Otherwise, you will ruin your day if the Battery dies after making up a single hole. That hole wasn’t the right spot for angling.


Almost all ice anglers know the basic rules and things to keep in mind while buying a new auger for drilling holes. Those guidelines should be lightweight, have good battery backup, and have precise cutting ability. But to be honest, there are many more things you need to pay attention to, especially if you are a beginner. You have to be extra cautious.

This guide below will help you make a checklist of other essential features and things to look for when getting your first drill.

  • Look for handles with an easy grip for better control
  • It’s always a plus to have a battery power display so, you know when to save extra drilling time.
  • The battery should be easy to insert in the looking system, saving you later hassle.
  • The Battery should not be too noisy as it would hinder your performance and impact your mood.
  • Search for augers with reverse control feature. It’s a bonus for you as the auger cleans off the hole itself, which helps retain the precise cut each time it’s used.

Happy Ice fishing fellow! See you soon!

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