How to Catch Crawfish with Proper Planning? – 1 Easy Method

Do you want to catch catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, perch, pike, and muskie? Then you’ll have to learn how to catch a crawfish. Why? 

Because crawfish are used as bait to catch all these species of fish. So, I’m going to tell you everything about catching a crawfish with ease. Ensure to go through the article till the end so you don’t end up missing something crucial.

Without lecturing more, let’s head over to the topic.


A Little Bit About Crawfish

A Crawfish is a fish which is famous for being used as bait to catch other fish. It’s related to the lobster, which is why it looks quite similar to it. It usually has 3 colours, red, yellow and brown. 

Its head and chest are combined, and body is fragmented. The crayfish has five sets of legs and sharp pliers, while the exoskeleton is meager but very extreme. 

Where Do You Get Crawfish?

Crawfish live in fast-flowing rivers, ponds, lakes, creeks, and streams deep in water. The reason why it lives deep in the water is that there is vegetation and rocks that it can use to cover itself. 

It’s usually found in fast-flowing water as it can’t survive dirty or polluted water. The crawfish is a not so strong swimmer, and water for its food to sink into the bottom to eat it. 

Where Do You Get Crawfish

If you’re willing to catch hundreds of Crawfish then you should go to southern America as there is the largest gathering of Crawfish lives. 

There are more than 330 species that belong to the same family Cambaridae. You can even find them in lowlands where water has a lot of oxygen and calcium.

What is the Best Time to Catch a Crawfish?

The best time to catch a crawfish is in summer when the water is quite hot, Because, Crawfish love it. It’s better you go to catch them at night as this is the time they stay the most active in the water.

It’s Time to Catch Crawfish

To catch crawfish, you need to have their favourite bait and the best trap to catch them. So, let’s look at all the factors in detail.

1. Best Baits For Crayfish

Catching a crawfish is easy when you have something that it loves eating as bait. Oily fishes like herring, sunfish, pogies, Trout, salmon, walleye, pike, and gizzard shad to any fish that is oily will be a great bait for catching a Crawfish. 

Either you catch them yourself or get them from the local fish market, that’s the easiest option, though. Does it mean if you don’t have any of these fish then you can‘t catch a crawfish? 

No, you can still catch Crawfish, Because, they’re omnivores, and whoever meat you have, you can use it as bait. Meats like cuts of chickens or any meat that you eat will work incredibly to attract them. SO, don’t fret if you can’t find any oily fish.

It’s Time to Catch Crawfish

2. Catching Crawfish in the River

We’re going to catch them in the river; the method would be pretty much the same in other places like lakes, streams, and creaks.

The process

To catch a crawfish in the river is quite easier than the other places. However, you have to be a lot more patient while waiting for the fish as it may take a while. 

  • If you’re using any meat as bait to catch the crawfish, then ensure that you have a strong fishing string to reel.
  • First of all, attach the bait ( Cuts of chicken, oily fish, or any meat) by making the use of Hooks and pins.
  • And then put the whole setup into the water and start moving it around.
  • When you feel any movement on the fishing line and you think it’s a crawfish, don’t rush pulling it out of the water.
  • Move the string with the trap and crayfish joined to it leisurely towards shore and afterward, place the crayfish in your bucket. 

And you’re done. Other than a string and container, you can likewise utilise a fishnet that has a long handle to get a few crayfish simultaneously when you reel in. So, this is how you can catch a Crawfish with ease.

Point to note

Hey Anglers, I hope now you know how to catch a crawfish with the proper planning using a single method. I’ve mentioned everything using less technical words so a beginner can comprehend everything too. 

Remember the method that we’ve discussed above, using a  string to catch a crawfish may be quite time-consuming, so be rusted up for that. 

And, follow the above-given instructions carefully. If you have any confusion then share them with me down below and I’ll clear them.

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