How to Keep Minnows Alive? 5 Amazing Tips That Really Works At Best!

Minnows are the most popular choice for anglers when experiencing live baiting. It is a food source for humans if they reside in clean water. 

To keep the fishing longer, you should keep the minnows alive. But the primary questionnaire query here is about; How to keep minnows alive? Because the minnows are both expensive and it is not easy to come by fishing every time. 

So anglers and professionals look for options and techniques to keep the minnows alive. To fulfill the tricks requirement, here we are providing some most comprehensive tips to cover your need; 

Certain fundamental concepts should be followed. These concepts will cover up and help the angler maintain the survival of minnows. A clear justification of these tips and ideas is given next; 


Prepare the tank: Insulation 

Overheating is one of the biggest reasons the minnows lose their lives for no purpose. Thus they die due to not giving the proper care. It is well directed to provide thorough attention to the minnows. 

Prepare the tank; Insulation

For this, keep them in the container or the tank with proper insulation. Cover it with the lid to gain precise shade to rest. Not only this, prepare the tank thoroughly. You can add ice cubes to the water so that the temperature does not fluctuate too much. 

It is well direct to maintain the things before you put the minnows in the container because they are not stored properly; they can be eaten within a day. This activity cooler with the film lining is an excellent insulated place in which you can keep them. 

Never use metal buckets because they absorb heat very quickly; you can go with the insulated buckets and Styrofoam options. 

Avoid Tap Water 

Minnows are the habitat of the natural atmosphere. Thus it is not normal for them to deal with ten tap water. This water contains a lot of pollutants and chemical aspects. Therefore, they develop a respiratory disorder and cannot struggle a lot. 

For this, always try to use natural water sources for them. You can even use the area’s water from where it is caught or being purchased. This natural water does not contain additives and is free from fluoride and chloride factors. 

Avoid Overcrowding 

In addition to the above tricks, do not keep a bundle of minnows together. Because, like all other things, the minnows also get squeezed when kept too close. Because in this condition, they have no room to move, and the point of fishing dies. 

This is why it is well directed to provide them with enough space. Moreover, this space should not be directly exposed to bright sunlight. This is suitable for them. Keep them in the sallow area, which should be a dark, climatic-controlled area. These areas are leisurely to approach, and you can quickly go to your cabinet and basement area. 

Use of hydrogen Peroxide 

The use of hydrogen peroxide can be the best-oxygenated measure for the minnows. It can also be referred to as a last-minute preventive measure for them. But do not overdose on it. 

You should at a minimum add almost 3% of it, inadequate distilled and natural water so that they can excellently perform their respiratory regulation experience. Its excess also denaturalizes the water and makes it difficult for the minnows to respire. 

Aerated storage 

If you are willing and interested in keeping the minnows for longer-term or business purposes, keep them in the right and precise aeration system. This long-term purpose can be for many reasons, can be for bait, feeding, and aquarium decoration aspects. 

In this situation, the anglers are directed to manage a proper storage tank at the right place, and you can also prepare an appropriate aeration system

This is a proper style that does not require any additional element, as it is already lined with all kinds of bio-filters and factors necessary to manage temperature conditions. Not only this, for a brief period, you can even keep them in the fridge. Because the relaxed and dark atmosphere of the refrigerator is ideal for keeping them. 

The Final Statement 

The things we mentioned above are highly crucial and worthy, as all of them give the best result and help you in case you are struggling with How to keep minnows alive?  

These are the only tricks, and many others cause the minnows to grow more usual than average. But if the minnows belong to the regular fishing activity, it is better to choose a sound aeration system. 

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