Parts of Spinning Reel & What To Look For When Buying A Reel?

If you’re trying to buy a spinning reel for yourself, this post is just for you. Every angler goes fishing, but not all of them come with a lot of fish with them. Most of them come back empty-handed. Why? 

There can possibly be two reasons: they’re not experienced or they don’t have a good fishing reel. 

A fishing reel is a backbone for fishing; if you ignore it while buying it, you may get counted in among the anglers who come back empty-handed. 

Therefore, I will tell you this about the Parts of a Spinning Reel & What To Look For When Buying A Reel so you can understand each part’s importance and work so you can choose the best spinning reel for yourself. 

Without lecturing more, let’s head over to the topic.


Parts of Spinning Reel

Knowing about each part of a spinning reel is essential to getting the best one because despite having the same name, the parts might be a bit changed which may ruin your fishing experience.  Read On!

1. Foot

The foot is an upper part that is connected to the spinning rod. It’s critical that it fits the body of the reel tight for the two parts to remain firm during the quick activity of a cast and endure the strain of a battling fish on the recovery. 


Therefore, The foot is designed rectangular so it can fit easily in the placement of the spinning fishing rod. It’s like an extension for the reel and is made up of Graphite and ALuminmun.

Though the standard guarantees most reels fit a pole outline yet there is usually freedom in the way how close the genuine fit is. To ensure that reels fit, then, beginners ought to comprehend that there could be no more excellent test than really looking for the two parts together and guaranteeing one fits the other.

2. Handle

The handle is one of the vital components of a spinning reel; this is the thing that you do retrieve and cast with. 

You hold it in your hand and retrieve it by rotating it. Usually, there is a rubber grip on the handle, so your hands get a good grip on the reel and don’t get slipped off. 

Some handles of the reels are designed to be used by right-handed people, while some are left-handed. This thing will depend on the fishing reel you’re using. 

Some years ago, you could only get a spinning reel for either a right-handed person or the left-handed one, but today, there is a special type of fishing reel that can be operated by the sided people. 

Mostly, the Handles of a spinning reel are made up of aluminum and graphite which are used in housing as well. You have to ensure that the handle is comfortable and can be rotated by making minimal efforts.

3. Spool

The spool is a part of the reel that for holding the line. This part helps you to retrieve fish when you have to catch it. 


If the spool of any Fishing rod is not good or made nicely, you can’t catch fish. Ensure that the spool of the spinning reel is not so rigid, or else it will create too much friction and end up breaking the spool. Just like other materials, graphite, and aluminum. are also used to make the Spools.

When you’re going to buy a spinning reel, then check the type of the spool, its length, and height. If you’re buying the spool individually, then check the weight of the line you’re going to use it on. 

Because spools are created to be used differently, for long distances there are other spools and for the short distance, you’ll get other spools.

4. Line Roller

Line roller is a little round part on the bail end. This is a section moved by the line while faltering. It is there to lessen contact and tenderly aide the line. It empowers the line to move uninhibitedly without stalling out.

5. Bail Arm

The Bail Arm is basically a wire exactly next to the reel which helps to make the mechanism of the casting easier. 

Bail Arm

Its purpose is to assist with moving the line on and off the spool; the bail decreases the kickback issue, which is common with other fishing reels. When you’re going to buy a fishing reel, ensure that the Bail arms are solid, easy to open and close, 

6. Seat

The reel seat alludes to the part where the foot is mounted as well. The plan of this component can contrast somewhat among brands and makers.

7. Drag Adjustment

The drag adjustment knob is another important part of a spinning reel used to decrease and increase the amount of friction. It’s like a button that you press to adjust the reel’s friction according to your comfort. 

it’s an important thing when a giant fish fights to get out of your control, and you want to drag it. When buying a reel, you should see that the drags can be adjusted easily, and the line goes out without a hitch and uniformly, without jerking, under any setting.

8. Anti-reverse switch

It’s a switch that stops the reel from turning backward. This is important when you’re trying to catch a larger fish, and it’s fighting back to try to get it out. This part is usually located at the bottom of the fishing rod. 

Anti-reverse switch

However, if you’re planning to do bass fishing, this is a must part you have in your spinning reel. This switch permits you to back-reel, or reel backward, instead of depending on your drag framework for line pressure.

9. Gears

Gears are the most important part of the spinning reel, but sadly most the Anglers neglect them. They’re in a Circular shape and made up of brass, stainless steel, zinc, and aluminum. 

All the manufacturers use their own techniques to make them better. If you have to catch larger fish, you should go for the thicker Gears. And ensure that the gears can be operated smoothly and easily, so you don’t have any problems while fishing.

What To Look For When Buying A Reel?

There are 5 critical things mentioned below. that you should pay attention to while buying a spinning reel. 

1. The Material

The material which is used to make your fishing reel decides how long-lasting it will be. Ensure, that the Material is durable and won’t get damaged so quickly when fishing in challenging weather. 

Usually, the fishing reels are made up of Aluminum and graphite. The Aluminum material is great when you have to catch big fish, while the Graphite is more comfortable and lightweight. 

Now, assess what type of fishing you have to do, then go for the best material according to that.

What To Look For When Buying A Reel

2. The weight

When the weight of the reel is too heavy, it will put a lot of pressure on your arms and wrists and can cause you to fatigue in the wrist. 

The weight of the fishing reel can be measured in ounces. You should go for as much light or heavyweight as you big fish you have to catch.

3. The Gears ratio

The stuff proportion of a turning reel is recognized in two figures. The higher the principal figure, the quicker the reel will work. A reel with a 4:1 stuff proportion will work more slowly than a reel with a 6:1 ratio.

4. The Environment

Anglers go in different environments to go fishing, so you have to devise which environment your fishing reel is going to be used. 

Like, when you’re fishing in saltwater, it will damage the reel if that reel hasn’t been designed to be used in saltwater. Therefore, decide which environment you have to go fishing in.

5. The Drag Adjustment

When the drag adjustment of any fishing reel is smooth and easy, it will make better to your fishing. 

However, if the drag adjustment is of low quality, then you won’t be able to catch the fish, and it will run away. So, make sure that the fishing reel you’re going to buy has a smooth Drag adjustment that can be operated with ease.

That’s all for today, you can ask anything in the comments.

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