10 best fishing lures for Panfish

Ice angling is wildly popular sport due to its never-ending adventure and endeavoring fun experience. It’s an activity that could be enjoyed with many good friends to spend some quality time together, or it can even be alone time for relaxation from routine life or a peaceful break after a hectic week.

And when you are looking for some fun time or peace, the last thing you would ever want is a hassle. You would like things to go smoothly without any hindrances or haphazard situations, and then your fishing would be the cherry on the cake.

 Just a good fishing day with a basketful of fishes, and if you want a jig full of pan fishes, and by these, I mean bluegill, crappie, sunfish, and perch. As they are the most easily accessible variety of pan fishes available in abundance, they are easy to get your hands on and, above everything, so easy to cook and season. We all know how heavenly they taste.


You will require the right gear and valuable equipment to make your experience ever so memorable to get the fun going on. This article is especially for all of you who share the same ice-angling love as I do. I will make your angling experience smoother today by sharing my ten favorite ice fishing lures. This will help you up to your game, and you will end up.

Now panfish catching becomes more technical during the cold days than hot shinny days. As the weather impacts the fish’s mood, they become lethargic and sluggish during winters and are remotely active beneath the dark, icy covering.

So, to get the fishes moving, you need to attract them, force them to come and bite because they are hungry but need some motivation, something out of the ordinary to give a reaction. Now here comes the part of our lure’s selection. Lures play a vital role in ice fishing as they impact the angling success directly. They will make your day or break your day.


If they are colorful, eye-catching, bright, nicely scented, they will catch all the attention, and you will fill up your bucket in no time. Rightly so, you will keep seeing one after another by trying the below-mentioned lures.

The most suitable lure for Panfish would be around 1/16 ounce, and for bigger fish, it could exceed up to 1/8 ounce. Rooster tails are among the best ice angling lures when used in easy, slow retrieve. For open water near vegetation, try Spinners. They will work well. The most reliable and popular baits are worms and nightcrawlers because they are widely available.

 Consider that seasoned anglers prefer vertical or horizontal jigging techniques as they never fail because the concept behind them is to catch the fish’s attention. Under the dark, dipping in reflective lures that they won’t resist biting, I suggest going a notch up by incorporating some rattling and buzzing in the lure will make a huge difference.

 As they say, the more, the merrier. Plus, try luck with some miniature spoons, jigs, and plastic lures. You never know what might work for the fishes that day.


  1. Clam Pro Tackle Maki Jamie

Key features:

• Soft plastic lures

• Bite-triggering cilia hair and twin tails

• Imitates shrimps and forage bugs

Why it made the cut:

They are effective on panfish varieties such as perch, bluegill, sunfish, and crappie. They are effective on bass as well. The twin tail, cilia hair, and bright color make them irresistible for the Panfish.


• Highly effective on Panfish

• Comes in natural and bright colors

• Realistic imitation of shrimps and forage insect

Product description:

It’s a soft plastic bait designed by James Vladyka, the famous fishing angler of the east coast. The twin tails and cilia hair give it a realistic bait look which makes it impossible to ignore and thus invites the fish to bite. Maki plastics work well with all the different varieties of Panfish as they are perfect for both shallow and deep water.

  1. VMC Tungsten Wax Tail Jig

Key features:

• 100%tungsten made

• Available in 3 sizes

• offers three colors to choose from

• Comes with power gap hook

Why it made the cut:

VMC Tungsten Wax Tail Jig mimics plastic worms to attract all types of Panfish.


• Fast drop

• Precision angling

• Comes with power gap hook


• Replacement wax tails are nearly unavailable

Product description:

The tungsten wax tail jig is an exceptional lure for ice-angling panfish.it imitates wax worms, grubs and larvae bugs. An excellent option for ice fishing with dual action jig and worm type. A product of VMC, incudes a patented trigger X wax tail for the realistic worm look and feel. It is made from pure tungsten, making it a fast drop. 

The glow lasts for almost 15 minutes in a single charge. The complaints have been reported for unavailability of replacement wax tails or are hard to find, not readily available. They are available in different sizes and a variety of colors.

  1. Custom Jigs & Spins Demon Jigs

Key features:

• An ultra-realistic imitation

• Beetle like appearance

• Glossy and two-toned in a color

Why it made the cut:

This lure is the key to success during the icy days. The demon jigs have proved their effectiveness on all the various panfish species. They work best with Bass, Sunfish, Catfish and Walleye. Their shape mimics beetles


• Easy to match up with worms and grubs

• Glows brightly underwater

• Available in attractive fluorescent colors

Product description:

It’s available in three sizes, making it easy to match with the grubs, minnows, and worms. These are all-rounders and will work exceptionally well with all the types of Panfish, be it bass, catfish, or walleye.

Custom Jigs & Spins Demon Jig comes in 1/40. 1/64, and 1/1000 oz sizes.

  1. VMC Tungsten Tubby

Key features:

• Small Compact design

• 90-degree hook

• Horizontal presentation

Why it made the cut:

A small, compact package is available in different colors and sizes. Offers different hook sizes, so it can be customized as per your need.

The appearance helps it mimic.


• Good hooking reliability

• Made of 100% tungsten

• Smaller then lead


• 15 minutes charging capacity only

Product description:

Almost all the pro anglers have caught this special jig; they are way smaller. They lead to being more reactive and sensitive. I found them ideal for fast dropping to the bottom. It works well with live wax worms and can be paired with imitation worms.

They feature a 90-degree hook angle and thus offer reliable hooking. It backs up 15 minutes of underwater time before needing another recharge.

  1. Rapala Jigging Rap

Key features:

• Nice design

• Gives an instant reaction

• Snap jigging technique

Why it made the cut:

It has gained popularity with walleye anglers, and they do pretty well for Panfish. It will never fail to attract a reaction bite, even on the hard bite days. They come in natural, glow, and UV colors too.


• With these in action, no need for baits.

• The landing percentage is good

• Amazing response to snap jigging


• When fishing over structure snagging impacts negatively

• Require time to learn the technique

Product description:

Jigging Rap is one of the deadliest lures for pinfishes. It’s a must for walleye fishing. It uses the snap jigging technique, which sometimes becomes the only solution for even the pro ice anglers, especially when everything else fails to work. The Jigging Rap’s realistic look and on-spot snap jigging response come to the rescue. 

It works wonders when the competition is more challenging, and you want to get the bigger fish to bite your lure, and that’s when the jigging rap shines. The plus point for this jigging rap is no bait is required. The size 2,3, and 5 are suitable for catching Panfish. Just remember to pay attention to the varied cadence while working with them.

  1. VMC Tungsten Fly Jig

Key features:

• Tiny and compact design

• Imitates a realistic fly

• Soft plastic body

Why it made the cut:

Its unique design and outstanding features have made it stand out amongst different lures. It offers various color and sizes according to need.


• Works when others fail

• 90-degree Power gap hook

• Available in 3 sizes and colors

Product description:

It’s a perfect jig that features a natural-looking insect larva with a feathery hackle. It has a tungsten-made head with a soft plastic body. Its unique formation works efficiently, letting it drop like a stone. It is available in different hook sizes 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 oz. They are available in 3 different shades, bright, natural, and glow color.

It has secured a 90-degree VMC power Gap hook for set action and better presentation. It works amazingly when no other jig is working on the tough days.

  1. Northland Gill Getter Jig

Key features:

• Imitates a bug

• Glittery appearance

Why it made the cut:

It’s so efficient and effective on all Panfish. It’s no doubt the best fishing jig available so far. It has the look of a flat-bellied bug.


• The best available fishing lure

• Pretends like frightened prey

• Very attractive and eye-catching

Product description:

It has gained a large fan base, particularly among beginners. It has a bug-like appearance that attracts Panfish with the glittery scaly finish. It can pair with soft or live bait. This jig jumps and behaves like an afraid little prey to make the fish react and bite it without any hesitation.

  1. Custom Jigs & Spins Shrimp

Key features:

• Soft plastic body

• Balanced shape

• Imitate small minnows and shad

Why it made the cut:


• Available in six different colors

• Can be paired with worm or maggot

• Tail mimics like a worm

Product description:

You will be surprised by how many crappies, bluegills, and walleye you can angle on this tiny jig.It features a soft plastic body appearance with a slender tail that mimics worm action to attract the Panfish and confuse them with the bright colors.

 They offer six different color options. They have a balanced shape and a long quivering tail.

  1. Berkley Gulp! Alive! Waxies

Key features:

• Horizontal presentation

• Imitates wax worms or maggots

Why it made the cut:

They are available in three colors pink, green and white. Plus, they are scented to make the fish bite guaranteed. It works wonderfully on cold days when it’s tougher to catch worms.



• Added scent for realistic streak

• Best for cold days

Product description:

Downsizing is the idea when trying to cast fish on a bad day. On those days, you would land up on Berkley gulp! Alive waxies, especially the cold day when it’s hard to find worms. These worm or maggot imitations will save you all the hassle. They scent like real to give the fishes a real-life worm feeling, so they would instantly bite without missing the opportunity.

These are to be tied on the end of the fishing line approximately 2-4 lbs ice fishing line and keep the bait still without much movement. They are available in three beautiful and array of colors pink, white and green.

  1. Custom Jigs & Spins Chekai Tungsten Jig

Key features:

• Versatile,

• 100 % tungsten

• Smooth rounded sides

• Resembles a pill

Why it made the cut:

It packs quite a punch for the compact size. It quickly sinks to the bottom and offers a sensitive jigging action, making the Panfish curious, and the bites will come along.


• Finished in epoxy paint

• Available in different colors

• A reliable hook set

Product description:

This is a flawless lure to target species like perch and walleye. It offers a Chekai head design and large fish-like eyes. The jig is 100 % tungsten made with a rounded pill-like side. Quickly drops and reaches the depths accurately and timely. They are durable and available in different color options.

The hook features an optimal hook gap. Add live bait or tiny plastic bait to make it more tempting for the fish.

Final thoughts:

When you are looking for top-quality ice-angling lures, you are excited when you will go to buy these beauties. You will quickly get overwhelmed by the wide variety of sizes and beautiful-looking colors and designs available in the market today.

So, I would strongly advise you to do your homework before landing at the stores, be it online or physical store; it always feels good to be well prepared before shopping, so you know exactly what you want. These options mentioned above will make your work easy and help you select the best lure according to your requirements.

I hope these lures will make your angling experience more fun.

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