How to Spool a Baitcaster Reel?

Many people are not familiar with how to spool a bait caster reel. If you are also the one, then stay with us till the end because we will present a very simple and easy method to do it.

We assure you that after reading this article, you will be able to perform this highly daunting task very quickly. So without delaying anymore, let’s start our guide on how to spool baitcasting reel.


How to Spool a Casting Reel?

If we talk about spooling a baitcasting jail, then it includes seven basic steps. Following are the details of each step you need to perform for this.

Attaching your baitcaster to a road

Attaching your baitcaster to a road

It would be best if you had a road to put the line on a baitcaster. Many people use line spoolers to do this, but it is not very important to use it.

Feeding the line

During this process, applying a particular amount of stress is critical. Also, it must be in the accurate direction. If you feed the line through the first guide of the road, it will aid you to run the line to the baitcaster

Feeding the line through real

The baitcaster reel with line goes side to side valve spool. When you feed the line through the rail, make sure that the line is smoothly and evenly filled in the spool.

Tie line: the spool

When you tie the line towards the spool of your fishing reel, there  are two options. 

If your baitcaster naturally has held, you can tie the thread through any of these holes. When connecting the line, use a double overhead note as it is more effective.

Secondly, if your spool does not have holes, you can use a double overhand knot and circle the line around the spool. In this way, you can achieve the same function even if your baitcaster reel does not have holes.

Tie line the spool

Now you have complete knowledge of the spool line in a baitcasting reel. Let’s move towards the next step.

Trim the end portion of the line

No one wants to stick out and get the line in the primary spooling process. Hence it is necessary to trim the end portion of the line.

Starts pulling the baitcaster reel

Here comes the most crucial step. When you start spooling a baitcaster, it is essential to maintain attention in the line. While you are spooling, always keep an eye on the rotation of the filler spool. 

Simultaneously focus on the direction of your baitcasting reel during this pooling process. If you do not consider these two things, you might get twists in your line.

Complete the spooling of baitcaster reel

Here comes the final step, and unfortunately, many people do this wrong. Try to leave a gap of  1/8 inch for the edges of the spool. Never felt the baitcaster reel entirely; otherwise, it will not prevent backlash.

These were all the steps Ford’s pulling of baitcaster reel. But you must be wondering, can you spool a baitcaster reel yourself?

Complete the spooling of baitcaster reel

Let’s throw some light on this aspect that a person can spool it independently.

Spooling a weight caster by yourself

There is nothing to worry about if you do not have your friend. You can easily do it yourself. In this regard, all you need to do is grab the filler spool. 

To control the fillers pool, you can use a pencil that will pass through the whole of the line spool. But here you need to take some technical positions. For example, you will step on one end of the pencil, and the other end will be on the top of her second foot.

This will allow the spool to rotate easily, and ultimately you will be able to pull the line into the baitcaster reel. 

How to Choose the Best Line for Baitcaster?

It is one of the most recurring questions out there. Many people got confused about what is the best line for baitcaster. Next up, we will elaborate on some of the most incredible lions and their specifications. 

In this way, you can make the choice for the best option for yourself. Generally, three types of lines perform very well for baitcasting.

How to choose the best line for baitcaster


  • It is ideal for catching big fish that are far away. 
  • Braid is a powerful line type and 8 Pierce zero stretch.
  • It is perfect for placing the hooks at a distance.
  • The visibility of this line is much higher compared to the other two types of cables.


  •  A baitcasting reel aired potentially generates a higher backlash.
  • This line is much more expensive, so you have to insert an increased budget for it.
  • Fluorocarbon sinks in water, and it is almost invisible. It is appropriate when you are fishing in Clearwater.


  • If we talk about its visibility, it is lower than the braid line type.
  • The Specialty about this line type is it floats on water and is visible.
  • The total generation of backlash is also significantly less in the monofilament line.
  • It is challenging to manage during the placement of folk because of its high elasticity.

These three different lines for spooling baitcaster reel have their particular specifications. But if you are the one who has just started his fishing career, then we suggest you try the monofilament line. Firstly it is less expensive compared to the other two line types. Secondly, it generates significantly less backlash, so there is no hurdle in this regard.

Final words

Finally, we have discussed all the steps to spool the line on a baitcasting reel. Through these steps, you can very quickly do this job. Also, you can follow our methodology if you do not have your body with you, as discussed above.

Also, you can seek guidance for choosing the ideal line type because this will help you set the hooks and enhance your fishing experience positively.

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