How to Spool a Spinning Reel? Easy Steps to Learn!

A spinning reel for a fisherman is similar to leaves for a tree. An angler can understand the value of a spinning reel. But, having best reel is insufficient; to be able to spool it well is the real thing. 

Spooling a spinning reel can be challenging for some anglers, especially those who have just entered the fishing industry. But, spooling a rod well can lead you to catch the giant fish that every angler loves. 

When you go into the water without learning how to spool a spinning reel, you likely end up coming back empty-handed. 

Because, whenever the fish sticks in the reel, due to not having the experience, you can’t control it well, and the fish gets away. When you’re going to fish in saltwater or in an ocean, then having the best skills of spooling are the best. 

spool a spinning reel

Because fishing is not just about going with a rod and then starting to catch fish, it requires a lot of investment, especially when you go to other areas for fishing. 

Would you ever want to come back from thousands of miles away without even catching as many fish as you expected? No right?

so, it’s better to master these skills. Also, if you’re keen to learn to be a better fisher, you have to be a good spooler first, and I’ll help you to do that. 

So, make sure you are with me till the end of this article so that whenever you go in the water, you come with some large and heavy fish.


Choose the Finest Fishing Line for the Spinning Reel

Fishing is like a backbone for a fishing reel. You can’t do anything without it. When you catch the fish, it’s the line that drags the fish out of the water. So, to have the best fishing line is as important as having the best fishing reel and experience of fishing.

Before you go into the water, ensuring that you have the correct fishing line is an important thing.

When it comes to the fishing line, they have three types, braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon. Each type serves a different and has separate qualities. Although, no fishing reel can be considered the best, as it depends on the style of your fishing. 

Certainly, there are some fishing styles that are suited for some line types. Obviously, I won’t get deeper into the types as this is not our topic. However, you’ll get an idea of what type you should go for.

finest Fishing Line for the Spinning Reel

Below are mentioned each type of fishing line that you can match with your requirements and see what works best for you.

  • BRAID fishing line- These lines are great for lure fishermen. Because they have a thin diameter, a minimal stretch that allows the anglers to have good control over them.
  • MONOFILAMENT Fishing lines– With a simple-to-use structure, this line has been a favorite choice for anglers over the years. You may also have had a good experience with it, I guess. Although this line is suited to most of the anglers still, there is some fishing situation it tends to serve best in. If you’re fishing in rocks, breaking walls, at the beach with your family, or you’re out for a spot of trolling chasing gamefish, the Monofilament fishing line is great for you.
  • FLUOROCARBON Fishing line- When you’re fishing in Fishing situations like ultra-clear waters or chasing wary fish species, this line is your way to go. But, it never means that line can only be used for these fishing situations, you use it in other situations too, but these are the ones that it works great in.

I hope by now, you may have been able to choose the best fishing line for your reel. It’s time to head over to the main topic. So, let’s go.

How to spool a spinning fishing reel

Step 1: Close the bail and set the spool on the floor.

To ensure that the line enters the reel appropriately, lay the spool level on the floor with the name looking up. Your spool ought to place in such a way the line falls off of the spool the same way it will be going into the rod..

  • On the off chance that your line is contorted or the line doesn’t arrange when the name side of the spool is looking up, flip it over.
  • This will assist with staying away from any issues with the line becoming contorted.

Step 2: Squeeze the line and gradually wrench the reel.

You ought to squeeze the line softly, around 12 in (30 cm) over the reel, and yank it tight. Wrench the reel gradually, multiple times, and allow the line to slip via your squeezed fingers. Quit turning and let your line have a little space to breathe to read it for turns.

  • If the line is curving, deny a piece of the line, ease off of your reel, and realign your spool and the fishing line.
  • Continuously apply polite strain to the line while you pack it. In the event that you don’t, the line will continue free and wind up becoming tangled later.
How to spool a spinning fishing reel

Step 3: Keep on Turning the Reel to Stack the Line.

You can continue to stack the line when you are certain that the line isn’t contorting. Continue to add the line gradually and shut down each 20–30 wrenches to examine your line for turns.

  • Assuming you observe a line bend, you might have to begin the cycle once more. Assuming you have proactively flipped your spool after the primary assessment, fix the turn and go on leisurely.

Step 4: Fill the spool until it is 1⁄8 in (0.32 cm) away from the edge.

This will give you a lot of lines to utilize, regardless of whether you need to remove a huge piece of the line while changing draws or clearing obstacles without over-burdening your reel.

  • Avoid filling up the spool to the very edge. Underfilling or over-burdening the spool will cause tangles and issues with projecting.

Step 5: Use line cutters to slice the line near the inventory spool

Pass on a limited quantity of overabundance line to protect its free end with a draw. Subsequent to cutting the line, you can likewise put a small stake of tape over the free rear on the spool to keep it from coming unwound. You can also use scissors in case you don’t have line cutters.

Step 6: Protect the line on the spool.

You can utilize a bait, turn, or clasp to get the free finish of your line. This will stop the line from falling via the aides.

  • You can likewise fold an elastic band over the spool.
  • You can likewise tie the stopping point around the tab if your spool accompanies a tab in it.

And you’re done. That’s how simple it was spooling a spinning reel.

Point to note

Hey guy, I know as a beginner you might find it a bit difficult, but trust me, it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever attempt. You may fail to do it at first but will definitely succeed doing it the next time. 

I’ve tried to explain everything clearly and avoid technical words so that you don’t hassle while understanding anything. I hope now you know how to spool a spinning reel correctly. 

To be a professional angler, you have to go through these experiences; you have to learn the right ways of fishing and stuff. And learning to spool is the most important part of fishing. 

You can’t be a good fisher until you learn how to spool a fishing reel better. So, learn it properly without being in a hurry, and you’ll see your fishing improving day by day.

Now, I want to hear from you. Which thing was worth mentioning in this article but I forgot? The comment section is all yours.

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