Most Expensive Fishing Reels of 2023 in the World

The problems of tangling and poor dragging systems are seen in many cheap reels. In order to get your hands on full-proof reels, you need to spend more! It is not about money when you have a hobby that keeps you hooked for hours. Rather, your satisfaction, better performance, and increased entertainment are the things that give you pleasure.

Other than this, if fishing is your profession, the more you invest the more you gain. You sure need better-performing reels to get superior and increased output. We know quality and price run together. I will be discussing some of most expensive fishing reels in this article.

List of Most Expensive Fishing Reels of 2023

Following are a few of the mind-blowing high-end fishing reels:

1. Shimano Stella Sw C Saltwater Spinning Reels


  • Material: Metal
  • Item Weight: 680 Grams
  • Fishing Line Type: Braided

When talking about the most expensive fishing reels ever sold, the Shimano Stella SW c saltwater reel comes first on our list. Their price ranges from $949 to $1777 for different gear ratio reels. They come in different gear ratios and size combinations.

These reels have a HAGANE Body, making them from extremely unbending metal for enhanced impact resistance and lesser floppiness. The HAGANE Gears are cold-forged for increased stability and efficiency. They are durable yet smooth as no other. They have about 14 ball bearings and a max drag of up to 62 pounds!

The upgraded winding torque increased by 35% providing the best winding experience. 

The drive gear and worm shaft elimination provide more smoothness. X-Shield and X-Protect technology protect your reel from ruthless elements in the saltwater atmosphere to boost your self-assurance while fishing. This technology makes them one of the most expensive deep sea fishing reels.

Shimano Stella Sw C Saltwater Spinning Reels

I would give this reel 4.5 stars rating out of 5, provided that they are one of the most expensive fishing reels ever sold. They have entirely improved ceramic bearings to add to the smoothness.

The aforementioned high-end Shimano Stella SW c fishing reels have some of the best ratings in the market. My angler friends claim these to be worth each penny. These reels will take your deep blue fishing experience to a whole next level.

You must be wondering why it stands among is the most expensive fishing reels? This is one of the high-definition fishing reels. This particular fishing reel gives you convenience, pleasure, and durability. All at the same time! That’s cool!


  • Extensive dragging power
  • Durable and rigid body
  • Smooth and even gearing system
  • X-Shield and X-Protect technology for the ultimate protection


  • · Customers acclaim that Shimano discontinues producing spinning reel parts soon after launching the latest model.

2. Shimano Stella FJ


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Color: Gold
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

Another most expensive deep sea fishing reels are Shimano Stella FJ. These are the costliest bass fishing reels by the Shimano with the name of Stella FJ. They can drag about 20 pounds, and the gear ratio is good 6.0:1. What makes them more durable, efficient, and smooth is the second-generation technology Shimano has used in their production.

The propulsion line management system reduces wind knots and backlashes for a longer casting distance. They have 13 inches line retrieve, which is long! It helps you in distant dragging all day long. They come with 12+1 Micro Module ii tech ball bearings and upgraded pinion gear, making these reels seamless and providing smooth handle rotation.

The saltwater effects are prevented by X protect technology, which gives the reel a water-resistant outside layer. You will be awestruck to notice that it is five times more water repellant than older models.I feel that its performance, smoothness, and rigidity are enduring and worth its price.

 If you are interested to have a life-long experience, then Shimano Stella will give you one.


  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy dragging power
  • Anti-backlash rotor design
  • Awesome casting
  • Cheaper than previous model


  • lesser max drag Up to 20 pounds 

3. Daiwa 16 EMERALDAS 2508PE-H-DH Spinning Reel [Japan Import]


  • Item Weight: 250 Grams
  • Dimensions: ‎‎5.28 x 5.16 x 3.66 inches

The third most expensive spinning reel that comes on our list is Daiwa 16 Emeralds. It is an Aluminum made light weighted reel, weighing only 250 grams. The lightweight of this reel keeps you fresh after hours of fishing. This front Drag spinning reel is perfectly suited for saltwater fishes. These come with a decent rear ratio of 5.6:1. These reels have six stainless steel ball bearings that make retrieving a piece of cake.

The waterproof design help seawater and dust at bay. The rotor and body are contactless, making rotary performance better. The New generation Drag System allows low Drag set points and readjustments to focus on fighting. The air rotors made balance well and free will actions possible.

This expensive spinning reel’s increased durability and balance are because of upgraded DIGIGEAR II. The round EVA knob has made it ideal for single-hand use. These are the most expensive bass fishing reels.

You will enjoy this reel because of its strength, durability, and better performance. It will surely satisfy your expectations. You will surely make it your companion for many decades. Highly recommended!


  • Powerful dragging system
  • Single-hand use
  • Light weighted and water-resistant
  • Smooth rotation
  • Durable and long lasting


  • Not ideal for freshwater fish.

4. Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Offshore Lever Drag Trolling Reel


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Gold
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

It’s a gold-colored right-hand-oriented aluminum trolling fishing reel. Its bearing material is stainless steel. The OKUMA FISHING TACKLE is designed to weigh a mere 0.91 kilograms. This feathery light trolling reel is easy to carry and quite portable too. It’s a braided fishing line type. Its handle is made of Aluminum too, to reduce its weight.

These reels have 6061-T6 machined aluminum side-plate, frame, and spool for the highest strength and life. The Okuma’s Corrosion-resistant coating (CRC) procedure bonds and breaks through the metal, giving long-term guard. The 2-speed machinery has two stainless steel gears.

The efficient main gear, and pinion gears, help anglers to have a high-speed gear ratio or an influential low-speed gear ratio for maximum control and torque. The double-strength drag system offers a smooth and great pull. The drag is placed at the right of the spool and has a Pull Bar mechanism to lessen frame pressure that has an ideal alignment.

Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Offshore Lever Drag Trolling Reel

It has Cal’s Drag Grease that increases the drag to a whole new level. It is highly lubricated that aids in smooth dragging and retrieving. The system features multi-disc carbonate drag and helical-cut gears. All these qualities make them one out of the most expensive fly fishing reels.

Fourth on the list means it is four times cheaper than the first reviewed high-end fishing reel. This Okuma reel still got a lot to offer. Be it lightweight, improved strength, or better control. If you are looking for some of the highest-performing fishing reels, you must get your hands on these. 


  • Double speed systems
  • 4+1(anti-reverse) ball bearings
  • CRC; corrosion-resistant coating
  • Better control and torque
  • Can handle heavy loads


  • Plastic handle 
  • Slower line retrieves.

5. Daiwa 16 CATALINA 5000H Spinning Reel [Japan Import]


  • Item Weight: 605 Grams
  • Dimensions: ‎‎‎7.48 x 7.48 x 5.31 inches

Daiwa 16 CATALINA 5000H Spinning Reel an ideal saltwater fishing reel, four times stronger than previous models in the line. It features a sturdy metal reel body via better technology employed to them. It is one of the most expensive carp fishing reels.

The Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD) System helps you cast smoothly and makes catching the more giant saltwater beauties effortless. The famous ZAION air rotor makes them smooth, strong and light weighted simultaneously. DAIWA has designed the air rotor with carbon fiber that provides a high-quality guard against corrosion.

Mag-Seal technology is also used on the ball bearings previously used for the main shaft. This technique has made the reel more water-resistant and provides longer reel life. This expensive spinning Reel has a gear ratio of 4.9:1, with a drag power of 15 kg. It is extremely light weighted, weighing mere 605 grams. It has a long retrieve length of 104 cm. 

When looking for some of the most expensive fishing reels, you cannot ignore Daiwa 16 CATALINA 5000H Spinning Reel. It’s a perfect reel for beginners as it is lightweight and easy to handle. So, if your pocket permits, then you must buy it today!


  • Efficient casting procedures
  • Corrosion and rust-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Extremely lightweight yet durable
  • Stable winding


  • Pricier than previous models.

6. Abu Garcia (Bait Reel) REVO LTX-BF8-L


  • Item Weight: 0.64 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎6.54 x 4.8 x 3.19 inches

Now let’s look at the least priced in our list yet an expensive bait-caster reel.The Sweden fishing reel brand Abu Garcia has made this model one of the lightest weighted fishing reels. It is just 129 grams.It is easy to carry and convenient to use.

It is truly the best buy in this price range, as it doesn’t make you tired, even after day-long use. The reel uses a magnesium frame to reduce weight and increase power. This reel is highly suitable for freshwater. The reel length is a good 31 inches long. The rod is flexible and adjusts well in windy situations.

It comes with a brake system, Mug Tracks III, to improve the magnetism. It has the highest gear ratio in the list of products reviewed in this article, 8.0:1. The high gear ratio increases the speed and performance immensely. This bait reel has ten stainless steel ball bearings designed using HPCR technology. These ball bearings are constructed with stainless steel, making them rust-free. They collide well and give you hassle-free retrieving.

These are the least expensive fishing reels, with Mug Tracks III brake system, HPCR ball bearing technology, and excellent gear ratio. These specs add up to its performance and provide these reels with a sturdy body. Its price has been cut down using plastic in some parts of the reel. All in all, it is an ideal fishing reel at this price.


  • Max Drag of suitable 5.5kg 
  • Exuberant brake system 
  • X-Mag solid frames 
  • Stainless steel 9+1 HPCR ball bearings 


  • Lesser spool line capacity
  • Backlashes easily

Buyers guide for Most Expensive Fishing Reels

Have you made up your mind to buy an expensive reel? Oh no, don’t hurry! Before buying one of the most expensive fishing reels, you must consider the following:

Buyers guide for Most Expensive Fishing Reels
Infographic: Buyers guide for Most Expensive Fishing Reels

Freshwater or Saltwater

Before purchasing a reel, you must decide where you will fish? Would it be Freshwater or Saltwater? By Freshwater fishing, we mean inland lakes, rivers, and streams. While, in saltwater, bays and oceans are included. The fishing place makes a lot of difference and needs to be decided so that a better-suited reel is purchased. For saltwater, you will need an anti-corroding reel. Also have a look at, how to clean fishing reels.

Type of reel

The second most important consideration is which fishing reel you intend to use. There are different kinds of reels, naming:

Spinning Reels

You must first try spinning reels if you are a beginner, as these are designed especially for amateurs. These are easy to use and simple to mount on the base of a spinning rod.

Bait-casting Fishing Reels

Professionals usually go with the bait-casting fishing reels, as these reels are structured for use with bait-casting rods. Professional and seasoned anglers prefer them as it helps out their requirements speedily. They are adjustable reels, serving to deal with the rotation of the spool to eliminate line backlash, commonly known as a bird’s nest.

Spin-casting Reels

In Spin-cast reels, the fishing lines come from the crown of the spoon during reel casting. They are designed with simplicity, making them well suited for amateurs and professionals.

Identify Fishing Reel’s Technique

When buying the most expensive fishing reels, you must first decide upon your preferred fishing reel technique. Generally, in a fishing reel, you can select from these techniques:

  1. Closed Face: These are the light weighted and comfortable, yet versatile fishing reels
  2. Free Spool: Free spool fishing reels have a new drag system with solo and dual handles, which lets you grab many beauties.
  3. Center-Pin: These fishing reels have better power and control in flowing water. Rotating spool flexibility lets you go after any fish you want comfortably.
  4. Fixed Spool: The improved spool fishing reel is easy to use. They cater to various fishing needs, such as lure fishing, specimen fishing, float fishing, and trotting.

Retrieve Ratio Of The Reel

Speed of the reels should also be considered while retrieving line. The quicker the line recovers, the more fish you can catch in less time. Preferably, one can opt from 4.8:1, 5.2:1, and 5.4:1.

Line Lay

The line lay indicates the reel performance during the cast. A decreased line lay may hinder your fishing performance and take more time. For example, the flat line lay ensures that the line with no resistance comes off the spool.

In a bird’s view, when buying some of the most expensive fly fishing reels, you need to look where you will be using them, as different reels are designed for different water types. Freshwater reels do not require more anti-corrosive protections, while saltwater does.

One must look for the line lay of the reel and so the gear ratio. The retrieve timing is also essential to consider as it lets you judge the speed of the reel. Not just these technical terms, but you are required to decide which fishing technique is most preferred.

Different Fishing Techniques

Different fishing techniques like a free spool, fixed spool, closed face, or center pin are the common ones.You will have to choose the reel type according to your expertise level as fishing reels come in many kinds, including spinning, bait-casting, and spin-casting. Some are better suited for amateurs, while others can be used only by a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are expensive fishing reels worth it?

Some of the most frequently asked questions before purchasing any of the most expensive fishing reels are worth the money spent on them. Yes, totally! The durability, performance, strength, and life increase with better components and techniques used in the reels. Every other thing added to the reel directly impacts the reel price.

Why should I prefer an expensive reel over a cheaper one?

 An expensive reel provides you with a better experience, lets you catch the fishes you couldn’t have with a cheaper reel. The max drag, gear ratio, and anti-corrosive properties of a spin enable increased performance due to upgraded techniques and technology. 

What are the drawbacks of a cheaper reel?

Keep in mind that the lower the price, the lower the material, quality, and fewer options. All these constrain you from enjoying your fishing experience. Instead of getting pleasure, you end up frustrated and de-motivated.

Each penny you spend on your reel provides you with boosted satisfaction. So if your pocket lets you, one must try an expensive fishing reel as you wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose the right spool.


When buying the most expensive carp fishing reel, Shimano and Daiwa are on the top of the list. However, the other companies that we have reviewed in our list of some of the most expensive fishing reels ever sold are excellent and worth your money.

You have to choose according to your preference, technique, fishing area, and fishing reel type. Remember, your ultimate goal is maximized satisfaction, increased output (fishes), and a tire-free fishing experience.

If you think, I have missed out on any great options of the most expensive fishing reels, feel free to share your experience. Happy fishing!

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