15 Best Topwater Frog Lures for Bass Fishing

As we are saying hello to sun and welcoming summers, bass fishing is the foremost practice for a trawler. An ideal mini-break plan is to get up early before sunrise and head towards cloudy, steamy water and a small and stagnant basin.

Topwater toads are considered a great addition to Bass Fishing because they will open broad areas for Fishermen. You need to select the perfect lure for the best and big Bass according to its size, weight, color, and other prime features.

A perfect and recommended size of the bass fishing rod would be 7 ½ because it would be easier to pitch the baits using frog lures. Moving towards the topic, you will find great assistance about color and types of frogs for bass fishing:


Most Common & Famous Kinds of Lures:

Most Common & Famous Kinds of Lures

Hollow/Empty body Frogs:

For a beginner, it’s essential to know about facts and types of topwater frogs. Each type has its weaknesses and strengths.

Walking Frogs: 

These frogs are highly recommended and essential. They are trapezoidal and are made up of rubber; they have two hooks pointing towards the front. The size of these frogs is from 1.75 to 2.25, and you can find them in about ten different colors. These frogs are fabulous because they contain the flavor of every element.

Popping Frogs:

Popping frogs are comparatively the same as walking frogs but have a little addition in them, they have a flat popper in front of their head, and they make a loud sound when thrown in the water. They can also produce make bubbles and walk like an original fog at the same time.

Paddle toe Frogs:

Paddle-toe frogs are a fantastic addition to bass fishing. It is designed so that half of its body is like swimming on the water while the other half is like walking on feet, which creates a great type of swimming motion on the surface of the water and attracts Bass.

Which Hues/Shades are Best for Bass Fishing?

After selecting the best frog according to its feature, colors A are suitable and attractive for bass fishing. Mention a few colors which will guide you regarding it.

Original Color Frogs (Green, Yellow, And Brown)

Let’s talk about the natural color of the frog. Green is most used to give it an authentic and genuine look, while yellow and brown are also great. Still, it will depend on the condition, environment, and area where you are fishing.

White Color Frog:

As white is a light color so the white color frog can be used in dark murky grey water. If you are fishing shad, then it’s excellent, the color will reflect on shad.

Black color:

Since black is a dark color, it’s considered ideal because of its similarity with bluegill. The black color lure will be very clear on cloudy and windy days on the water surface.

The Ideal Weight of Frog Lure for Bass Fishing

First, you need to match the weight of your lure with its rod. You may have different kinds of weights like light, medium light, medium, and medium-heavy so rods must be chosen accordingly:

  • Light 4 lb to8 lb
  • Medium Light 6 lb to 10 lb 
  • Medium 8 lb to 10 lb
  • Medium Heavy 15 lb to 25 lb

Size of Rod

  • Rods for different sizes of lure:
  •  Light 1/16 -1/4 oz
  • Medium Light ¼ to ½ oz
  • Medium ½ -1 oz
  • Medium Heavy 1- 4 oz

These are the Best Lures You Need to Buy Before Going for Bass Fishing

Arbogast Lure frogs

The most famous is hula popper in bass fishing. It is a most demanding hollow frog for all the time and a must-have for every fisherman. It has gained fame because of its strikes and attacks. It creates a loud sound in the water, which calls the fish from a distance also. It also has walking actions like real frogs and big and great hooks.

Jitterbug frog

Another masterpiece of lure. It shines very well in darkness and can be a target for Bass in the night. It is not a weedless lure, so fish can easily be stuck and held.

Heddon Zara Spook

Heddon Zara Spook

One of the best lures. It was designed decades ago, and now its design has been copied by dozens of companies. Still, it is considered the king of all Lures. Depending on anglers’ conditions and weather, it can be used with faster and slow-motion.

Smithwick devil’s Horse (Prop Bait)

Another unique lure of the all-time is Smith Devil’s Horse. This lure has been recognized because of its spawning transition. It can be twitched and stopped near the spawning area, which adds its beauty and characteristic.

Pencil Poppers:

This kind of lure is effective for bass fishing on lakes. They can be used on deep-water surfaces also. Its wide-mouth creates a captivating presentation on the water, so this can be very useful for anglers in some scenarios.

Reeling Toad:

These are weedless lures. They are very effective in thick cover. These baits can generate continuous motion through their kick, and then Bass can track it. They can be considered an excellent option for bass fishing.

Knuckle Head Lure frog:

A great addition to the angler’s list is Knuckle Head Lure. Their design is unique and different but quite like baitfish. Pop sound can be heard after every swimming action. Junior size is also available for this lure.

Buzz bait/lunker lure frog:

Buzz bait lunker lure frog

Another great design that inspires so many copycats is Buzz bait. It has a large and wide recurved blade which can be unique in producing a buzz. It is topwater and catches all kinds of fish. They are used in higher-level like in competitions or tournaments also.

Spro/BZZ Rat:

This rat-shaped lured has gained instant reputation and recognition. It was created for catching large and big fish. It has so many versatile characteristics like popping, bulging, and waking.

Snag Proof Frog:

Its importance cannot be undermined because of its originality. It can produce immense fish and heart-pausing strikes. It has weedless hooks pleated into its body. The commitment of this lure is to find out the hidden fish where an ordinary angler cannot go.

Booyah Pad Crusher:

 This is a unique design of a frog lure for bass fishing. It is furnished with weedless hooks and long plastic skirts. This lure is recommended for shallow water bass fishing as its long plastics skirts intimate the surface of the water like frog legs swimming in water. It is designed in such a way that creates a commotion when popped on the water. And the great news is that this lure is available in 11 different colors.

Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Freshwater Fishing Lures:

This lure is available in 9 different colors. Lunkerhunt pop frogs are designed so realistically. Lunkerhunt prop frog consists of 2 pretended legs that spin when reeled with a rod. This frog attracts the bass by making a powerful move on the surface of the water. 

It has a slightly different design two stainless steel hooks are attached to the sides of the frog and one on the back of it which makes it easier to catch the bass.

Spot lip Double Propellers Frogs Lure:

Spot lip Double Propellers Frogs Lure

Spot lip double propellers frogs lure are best for catching big and large fish. They are designed in such a way that their legs produce the realistic effect of swimming on the surface of the water, which causes a lot of disturbance and interruption and gains the attention of the bass. 

Killer Artificial Frog Fishing Lure:

These are also known as angler dream killer artificial frog fishing lures. It has the great effect of popping and replicating realistic rattle sounds on the surface of the water. This lure is good for catching bass on the shallow surface. This lure is available in 5 different colors.

LIVE TARGET Popper Frog Hollow Body Swimbait:

The liver target popper frog is designed to copy and intimate swimming frog. Liver target popper is considered as a great popping frog lure amongst all. It has a soft hollow body with a soft plastic skirt that produces a great popping effect on the surface of the water. 

It is best for fishing in deep water. Despite its effective feature, it is also available in different colors and sizes depending on the area an angler is going for fishing.

How do you pick the correct topwater frog lure for bass fishing?

Topwater frog lure for bass fishing

Frog fishing color Options:

You must be smart and research the area for fishing and select frog lure according to it if its murky water goes for light or white color. Or if it is a sunny day go for dark hues.

Trim your lure’s skirt:

Trimming your frog’s lure will help it to move/walk back and forth more easily and will prevent bass from short striking also.

Choosing the right rod for lure:

Depending on the weight of your frog lure you must choose the correct size of rod for successful fishing. The most used rod is a medium-heavy one which goes best for all kinds of lure applications.

Frog style baits:

Frog-style baits are designed perfectly for weed mats. They are light-weighted and weedless and easily slip over the vegetation.


I hope this article would be beneficial for you in choosing and sorting out the best topwater frog lure. When it’s about bass fishing topwater frog lures are a significant addition to your fishing box. Topwater frog lures always work great in different scenarios of bass fishing. 

These lures are designed realistically, hollow, soft, and are made up of plastic, and they give a real popping sound. Their best feature is to attract, pop, and gain the attention of bass. Different kinds of lures are suitable for different areas and conditions. 

Depending on the water level also like for deep-water live target popper frog lures are considered as the best option and for bass fishing in shallow and cover areas, Lunker hunt frog lure is a great option. 

Everything like body, structure feature, and last but not the least color also plays a very important role. An angler should be aware of going with the right colors of lures. Depending on weather conditions also like with sunny day dark color would go best and for a cloudy day, rainy daylight or white color works awesome. 

In short frog, lures are an amazing addition to bass fishing, their soft and smooth body attracts the bass and encourages bass to hang with its hook. It is always fun with lures and you will enjoy fishing.

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